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Thompsontown Maple

Thompsontown "Sugarman's Rub" Maple Spice Mix

Thompsontown "Sugarman's Rub" Maple Spice Mix

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What exactly is the Thompsontown Sugarman's Rub? It is our own unique blend of herbs and spices (think a little sweet, a little spicy!), mixed with our 100% pure granulated maple sugar. It is delicious on beef, chicken, pork, roasted vegetables, or made in to a dip.

Why did we choose to name this the Sugarman's Rub? This rub represents to us exactly who a Sugarmaker is: versatile, a little spicy, always sweet! And who better to honour than Russell, Ray's father, seen on the front label in 1956 in the original Thompsontown sugar camp that was on our farm. A farm that has been in our family's name for more than 180 years. It is with that family history and tradition that we create all of our maple products.

Allergy alert: This product contains mustard

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